5 Surprise Mini Fashion Real Fabric Fashion Bags And Accessories

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5 Surprise Mini Fashion are premium fashion handbags which are the trendiest collectable accessory for all fashionistas! With 11 unique designs including real handbag details! Unwrap and reveal the all new capsule to reveal 1 designer handbag and 4 little accessories. Unbox 40+ deluxe fashion surprises!




• COLLECT THE TRENDY MINI HANDBAG RANGE: There are 11 high fashion one of a kind hand finished bags to collect including 2 rare metallic bags. Collect them all!


• PERFECT DOLL ACCESSORIES: These super cool bags and accessories are the perfect size for dolls.


• RARE MINIS TO COLLECT: There are 2 rare metallic bags to collect.


• COLLECT THE PERFECT FASHION ACCESSORIES: The perfect accessories. Including functioning make up compact and the cutest sidekick pup.


• INCLUDING SCENTED ACCESSORIES - Collect the super cute scented perfume bottles and make up accessories.




Each capsule includes 5 surprises. A handstitched Mini Fashion mini handbag and 4 surprise fashion accessories.

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