Astro Pop Lollipops 1 oz

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Smack dab in the middle of the Space Race in 1963, two rocket scientists decided to apply their get-out-of-this-world talents to candy-concocting in El Segundo, California. Super special high-tech machines were built to create Astro Pop's unique conical shape, only to be dismantled and sold as scrap metal when the rocket-shaped candy ceased to be manufactured in 2004 much to the chagrin of a great many earthlings. Yikes! Blasting off on their return orbit to the candy aisle as of 2012, the popularity of these nostalgic, multistage suckers with their iconic red, green, and yellow hues is set to skyrocket to worldwide popularity once again. Be one of the first to witness the candies as they shower the earth with their payload of fruity sweetness, a glass of Tang in hand!



Yellow: Pineapple

Green: Passion Fruit

Red: Cherry

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