Barbie® Color  Reveal™ Doll Hair Swaps Glitter Pink

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 Create a Look, Then Swap It Out!


​With 25 surprises, Barbie® Color Reveal™ Glitter! Hair Swaps™ set delivers the ultimate unboxing experience with a glitter reveal, color-change transformations and 10 plug-in hair pieces for different looks!


To discover which doll is inside, fill the tube with warm water, dip the doll in, swirl around and…surprise! The water turns a glittery pink, and when the doll is pulled out, her look is revealed!


​Kids can create so many different hairstyle transformations for Barbie® doll using the 10 easy plug-in hair accessories that can be mixed and matched. Create a look, then swap it out!


​Unbox the disco ball to find a confetti-filled surprise -- a sweet pet friend with an adorable color-change feature!


​The hair pieces can also be worn on the puppy so kids can style Barbie® doll's pet friend in so many different ways, too!


​Use ice cold water to transform Barbie® doll's lips and eyebrows and the puppy's face -- repeat the WOW color-change moments with the use of warm and ice cold water over and over again!


A child-sized scrunchie is a wearable accessory so kids can look stylish, too -- the shimmery accessory can be worn around the wrist or in a hairstyle for a trendy look!


25 SURPRISES! Kids Can Collect Barbie® Color Reveal™ Dolls to Mix & Match!


​With Color Reveal™, kids will love unboxing the Hair Swaps dolls, and with so many pieces, they'll also love collecting them to mix and match the hair accessories and expand the styling and storytelling fun!​



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