Blockbuster Party Game

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Introducing a brand new game for anyone that has ever seen a movie. In round one, each team will choose someone to go head-to-head in a quick-fire buzzer battle. From 'Famous trilogies' to 'Movies with a zombie', these two players must think quick, shout out a movie and slap the buzzer. The first player to run out of ideas loses the round. We like to call round two 'Movie charades with a twist'. The player that won round one picks up six movie cards, gives the hardest three to their opponent and keeps the rest for themselves. When ready, they'll get 30 seconds to get their team to shout out the movies by using three techniques – acting out the film, making up a quote and describing them with just one word. Get them right quick enough and you'll have a chance to steal from your opponents. Take it too slow and they might get a chance to steal from you. It's an all-out race to collect a film from every genre and be crowned the new Blockbuster big-shots.

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