Brand NEW for Fall 2022 Hot Wheels Skate™ Tony Hawk Metalic Finish Collector Set (assorted)

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Embrace the full Hot Wheels Skate™ experience with this sweet set that includes a fingerboard and skate shoes plus one Hot Wheels® vehicle. The collection was designed in collaboration with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and each set has matching details featuring metallic board graphics and an exclusive Hot Wheels® vehicle. The removable shoes help kids get the feel of the board as they experiment with ollies, jumps and 360s over the included Hot Wheels® vehicle. Groms will shred like pros in no time as they master their stylish stunts just like Tony Hawk! Kids and collectors will want each set of boards, shoes and cars with their premium design execution. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.


Hot Wheels Skate™ creates the ultimate combo for skateboarders, sneakerheads & die-cast car fans with each set of premium fingerboards, stylized skate shoes and exclusive Hot Wheels® vehicles.

Hot Wheels® collaborated with skateboarding icon Tony Hawk to create the coolest boards that inspire epic stunting. Each board comes fully assembled and ready to ride.

The included die-cast Hot Wheels® vehicle is 1:64 scale and boasts the decos beloved by car fans of all ages.

The shoes can be removed or used interchangeably with other boards, varying the look and feel of each ride.

The Hot Wheels Skate™ Collector Set with fingerboard, skate shoes and die-cast car makes an awesome gift for Hot Wheels® collectors and kids 5 years old and up.

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