Super Dad Jokes - Saving the World, One Bad Joke at a Time

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The ultimate laugh-out-loud Father's Day gift for any pun lover or Super Dad out there!
Q: What super power do you get when you become a parent?
A: Supervision.
Super Dad Jokes is perfect for all heroes out there - from the dad experts to the first-time fathers embracing their most cringe-worthy dad powers! This new edition from USAToday bestselling author Jimmy Niro has over 500 magnificent puns, stories, and anti-jokes - the best way to celebrate and laugh at dad's super (bad) joke skills! The perfect birthday and Father's Day gift, holiday stocking stuffer, or white elephant gag gift from any daughter, son, or partner to the super dad or grandpa who makes their eyes roll with super speed. Arm yourself against the forces of evil and good taste with this heroically funny joke book. It's time to save the world,one joke at a time!
Includes knee-slappers like:
I have a fear of speed bumps, but I'm slowly getting over it.
Q: What is the sleepiest fruit?
A: Napricot.
Dad, do you want a box for your leftovers?"
"No, but I'll wrestle you for them!"

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