Calico Sun Celebration Countdown Calendar - Chase Your Dreams

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Out of this World Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

This buildable charm bracelet countdown calendar is ready to help your dreamer shoot for the stars! Countdown to their big day as they build their bracelet with 7 dreamy charms that are cosmically in tune.

Countdown the days to your little dreamer’s special event with this charm bracelet advent calendar. Your little dreamer will be delighted day after day as they open each charm that’s totally out of this world! Charms include cosmic favorites like planets, moons, shooting stars, and crystal balls. As they build their dream bracelet, they will journey closer to their big day. Shoot for the stars as you countdown to holidays, birthdays, graduations, or any major milestone.

This charming advent calendar contains:

1 gold-colored enamel bracelet ready for charms

7 individually packaged charms made for dreamers

Charms include dream-inspired designs like the moon, a planet, a unicorn, and more

1 adorable keepsake box with a positive message inside

Recommended for ages 3 and up

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