Halloween Puzzles Highlights Puzzlemania Activity Books (Paperback)

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Packed with over 100 brain-boosting activities for kids 6-9, this Halloween-themed collection includes mazes, number puzzles, wordplay, brainteasers, matching and Highlights’ ever-popular Hidden Pictures puzzles. With bright illustrations, varied levels of complexity and plenty of humor, this book is sure to challenge, entertain and amuse puzzlers of every interest and ability.


Halloween Puzzles is filled with entertaining activities kids love, plus learning benefits parents can count on. All Highlights puzzles are well constructed and visually appealing to help bring kids meaningful benefits and maximum fun. Solving mazes helps develop hand-eye coordination, visual scanning, focus, handwriting skills and more. Puzzling also helps hone kids’ problem-solving skills, while humor and silly illustrations create positive learning experiences. This 144-page activity book also… Keep Reading


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