Truth Bombs The Game

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This game gives you the chance to answer all sorts of anonymous questions - but don't let the other players find out which answers are yours!


Recommended for ages 14+ years

For 4 to 8 players

Play time: Approx. 20 minutes

Includes 2 answer pads, 70 question cards, 7 colored mats, 1 scorepad, 1 instruction sheet, 1 Big Potato sticker


NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS: The party game where you can say funny things about your friends without getting caught (most of the time).

JAW-DROPPING QUESTIONS: From โ€˜Which superpower would they have?โ€™ to โ€˜What would they do if they were invisible for a day?โ€™, there are over 140 questions to answer about each other... and it's all anonymous.

EYE-OPENING ANSWERS: At the end of the round, players all get one guess at who wrote what about them, so you might not stay anonymous for too long!

EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: It takes 2 minutes to learn and 20 minutes to play and it's an ideal party game for teens, adults and large groups. Recommended for 3+ players and ages 14+.

WHAT PEOPLE SAID: โ€˜A short social party game... playful and a little bit ridiculous.โ€™ Playopolis

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