Orbeez Activity Pod (Assorted)

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Contents: 400 original Orbeez water pearls of one colour and 1 mini play set

The Orbeez Activity Orb Sets are a refill pack and mini play set in one

Each Orbeez Orb contains either a marble run, catapult, and baskets for snapping a target

Ball track and target snips offer the opportunity to collect points

Orbeez offer a great tactile experience

The anti-stress ball also serves to relax

Orbeez, the original water pearls that have been specifically tested for kids, offer plenty of tactile and creative possibilities. These mini play sets refill sets are ideal for play and storage. Each set contains 400 Orbeez of one colour - either red, blue, purple, or green - as well as a random play option.


Several kids can compete against each other on the marble run and collect points. Snapping the target also has challenge potential. It becomes really relaxing with the anti-stress ball to do handicrafts yourself. After playing, simply pour the Orbeez back into the container, put the lid on and keep it until the next time. Have the Orbeez shrunk a bit in the meantime? No problem. Just add a little water and they will swell up again.


Orbeez feel great and with the Orbeez Challenge Set (sold separately) they offer countless play options. Here the tactile experience is just as important as the cool visual effects when the Orbeez jump around in the play set. Orbeez are a cool trend that kids and adults alike love. A little tip: The Orbeez can also be used for decorative purposes in vases or lanterns and for watering flowers.

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