Pokémon Seek and Find: Hoenn

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Your favorite Pokémon are waiting to be found within the colorful pages of these activity books!


Find your favorite Pokémon in five different full-color activity books! Pick your adventure: will you search for the special Pokémon of Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn? Or will you seek fan favorites like Pikachu or Legendary Pokémon? Each volume of the Pokémon Seek and Find series includes tons of Pokémon-packed seek-and-find illustrations as well as fun facts or creative quizzes about the Pokémon you find.


A Seek and Find Adventure!


Join Pikachu and friends as they journey through the region of Hoenn! Will you be able to find all the Pokémon hiding in each scene?


Includes a detailed guide to the Pokémon of Hoenn!

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