Smasher Mini Dino LIGHT-UP Surprise Egg (Series 4)

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SMASHERS MINI LIGHT UP DINO EGG: Open the Meteorite Bag and Dive into the Lava. Rip, Claw and Tear through the Slime to find what’s inside and collect all three SMASH-O-SAUR DINOS – the T-Rex, Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus. Flick the switch to activate the Dino light up feature! Smash your lava Smash Egg on the ground and start building you Smashers collection today! 

1x Light Up Dino SMASH-O-SAUR Dino,

1x Meteorite Bag,

1x Smash Egg,

1x Lava Slime,

1x Amber Slime

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