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It's time for some oversized Mutant Mayhem adventure with this 12" Giant Leonardo Figure! Leonardo is the Turtles' leader in blue, and now he's a wannabe student in high school! As Leo and his brothers start to leave the nest - er, the sewer - he's set on transforming them into a crime-fighting team that he can lead to victory. With some help from their rat-dad Splinter, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be undefeetable! (Foot pun intended). Set includes Leo's signature twin katanas and comes in unique movie packaging.


It's time for some oversized Mutant Mayhem adventure with this 12" Giant Raphael Figure! Raphael has a big attitude and big dreams, which are (in no particular order) to punch someone so hard they throw up and to be a mixed martial arts fighter. Together, he and his brothers leave their sewer for the city above, fighting crime and learning that there is no "i" in team (even if Raph insists that there is technically a "me" in it). Figure includes Raph's iconic twin sai and comes in unique movie packaging.

Mikey's the comedian. Too bad his brothers don't think he's that funny. He might not be the best at ninjutsu or waking up on time, or even hygience, but you can always count on Mikey's positive attitude.


Donnie is devastatingly smart....and not afraid to let you know it. His Intellectual self-assuredness may come across as arrogance, but its's just that his brain is thinking so many steps ahead that he's paralyzed with indecision.


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