Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head - Premium Interactive Head

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  • It's, Like, So Premium, You Guys: Have you ever wanted to own a piece of me, Deadpool? Now you can, you lucky stiff. This Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head Premium Interactive Head is your ticket to nerd supremacy
  • My Head Moves to and Pro, Like a Ballerina: Hath a Deadpool’s Head not eyes? It does! And it’s filled with motors and sensors, for all that sweet sweet expressive movement and interactivity! Just like your head, I assume
  • The suits told me to tell you there are over 600 Sounds and Phrases (in English only): It’s important for you to know that Deadpool’s Head talks a lot, unlike what happened in that movie we absolutely can’t reference by name. You know the one
  • App Enhanced for Your Pleasure: Using my free app (that’s right, no excuses) you can get me to do and say a bunch of [Censored], jokes, pranks, and insults! (App in English only)
  • Let's Interact, Baby: With all these amaaaaazing features, I bet you can’t wait to click the little button and add me to your cart
  • Ages 18 + Adult
  • X4 1.5V C Alkaline batteries required. Not included.
  • Check for app availability, compatibility, and update dates. App is not guaranteed to be compatible with any future operating systems or devices.

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