Beast Lab Bio Mist and Experiment Refill Pack. Includes 2 Experiments, an Exclusive Weapon and 50+ Bio Mist Reveals

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What's in the box

2 Process Booklet, 1 Accessory Weapon, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Slime, 1 lab Ingredient Refill Kit Dissolvable Paper Pouch, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Moulded Fizz, 1 Fog Refillkit, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Moulded Fizz, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Crushed Pandemonium, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Slime, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit Dissolvable Paper, 1 Accessory,Tweezers, 1 Lab Ingredient Refill Kit 1, Dissolvable Paper, 1 Instruction Manual


SAVE THE WORLD OVER AND OVER AGAIN with the BEAST LAB BIO MIST and EXPERIMENT REFILL PACK! This pack contains enough Bio Mist to perform OVER 50 MIST REVEALS using the Beast Lab Creator! Leaving your child amazed as a Beast appears over and over again surrounded by a cloud of real "Bio Mist"! But, the adventure doesn't stop there! This pack contains enough ingredients to perform an additional TWO Experiments - the Pandemonium Blade Experiment and the Blade Fusion Experiment! In the Pandemonium Blade Experiment your Child Scientist will need to hack into the Beast Creator, Stabilize the Beast's rage and find the PERFECT balance of ingredients to create the ULTIMATE BEAST! Whilst, the Blade Fusion Experiment provides your genius with a NEW EXCLUSIVE WEAPON! The Beast Lab (sold separately) is an interactive toy playset that will really WOW kids as the Lab's 80+ lights, sounds and reactions bring their experiment to life. The power to save the world is now in your child's hands again and again!

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