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Creativity never stops with the exclusive Pixobitz Creator Pack! This DIY pack has everything you need to make your own 3D and 2D pixel art creations that stick together with water, including 113 exclusive glow in the dark Bitz (cube-shaped water fuse beads) you can’t get in any other pack! It comes with a total of 522 Bitz in 16 different colors, six accessories, over 100 water transfer decos, an easy-to-use spray bottle tool, a tray and six template cards. Start the building fun straight out of the pack or combine with the Pixobitz Studio (sold separately)! Following the templates in this bead kit, make 15 amazing end results, including a glow in the dark avatar and skateboard, a metallic kitty and hamster, a clear pineapple and dolphin and more or design your own unique creations. Creating with Pixobitz is as easy as stack, spray, and style! Slide a template under the tray and place your Bitz on top – the cube design makes them easy to stack, preventing them from rolling away. Mist each layer, then style your creation! Choose from different water deco eyes, facial expressions, icons and more, and add accessories like ears, wheels and more. With so many colors and styles of Bitz, water decos and accessories, there are endless ways to create! For best results, wait 20 minutes after each layer and 45 minutes for your Pixobitz bead art to fully set before play. Use your creations in imaginative pretend play or display them as creative kids room décor! Pixobitz sets are fun kids crafts, perfect toys for girls and boys who like arts and crafts projects, DIY kits and toy building sets. They’re great gifts for girls and boys ages 6 and up. Discover even more ways to create with the Pixobitz Creator Pack!

NO HEAT NEEDED: The mess-free Bitz (cube beads) stick with water! Stack on the tray, spray each layer with the bottle and style with Pixobitz accessories and water transfer decos!

MAKES 15 DESIGNS: Make glowing, metallic, and clear avatars, a skateboard, dolphin, kitty and more following the templates or design your own creations! Style with 6 accessories and mist on decos!

EXCLUSIVE GLOW IN THE DARK BEADS: Create with 113 Bitz you won’t find anywhere else and combine with Pixobitz Studio (sold separately)! Pixobitz crafts for kids are great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or gifts for kids for any occasion.

CRAFT KIT WITH OVER 500 WATER FUSE BEADS: Make 3D and 2D creations with 522 Bitz in 16 colors, 6 accessories, over 100 water decos, a spray bottle, tray and 6 templates (for 15 designs)!

Includes: 522 Bitz (Cube-Shaped Water Fuse Beads) in 16 Colors, 6 Accessories, 4 Water Transfer Deco Sheets, 1 Spray Bottle Tool, 1 Tray, 6 Templates, 1 Instruction Guide

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