Suncoat Girl : Little Valentine
(Water-based Nail Polish)

Suncoat Girl : Little Valentine (Water-based Nail Polish)

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We believe nail art is the most fun part of makeup and beauty–it’s as much fashion as the outfit you choose but full of so much more possibility. Depending on the look you’re after, it’s the one place you can really let loose. Whether you’re all for a one colour classic look or really go wild with a whole swatch book of patterns; whether your nails are meant to match your outfit or stand out completely; whether you paint all 20 of your nails or just 2, we believe there is no wrong way to wear nail polish. This is what our kids makeup kits offer.


This all-in-one nail kit is ideal for a “nail salon day” or as a birthday gift. These award winning, odourless, natural kids nail polishes, along with the cute nail decals, deliver fun nail beauty that is safe for children and parents can feel good about.


Each bottle is made with up to 70% water

No chemical fumes! Only water evaporates into the air when applied, healthier for your body and the environment

Peels off, no nail polish remover is needed

Odourless, non toxic

No chemical solvents! Free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalate plasticizers, acetates, alcohol, acetone

Fun, vibrant colours derived from minerals and natural colourants.

Durable, will not come off when washing hands or taking a shower

Cruelty free.

Non flammable, not a safety hazard

Made in Canada

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