Top Trump's PAW Patrol

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Play and discover! Top Trumps PAW Patrol is the trump game for everyone who wants to know more about the popular series about the dog Ryder and his four-legged friends. The PAW Patrol helps the people of Adventure Bay solve problems.


Lovable helpers on four paws like Ryder, Marshall or Chase compete in the categories of playfulness, skill, courage, leadership quality and top trumps factor in order to outdo each other. 30 cards with cool motifs, resourceful statistics and exciting background information - the top Trumps facts - ensure special Trumpf fun.


And that's what TOP TRUMPS is all about: All players get the same number of cards and then they trump each other. That means, whoever has the highest value wins the round and receives the top cards of his fellow players, which he puts - together with his own - under his deck of cards. Whoever has all cards at the end wins.


And best of all: You will find a trading card in all TOP TRUMPS packs. When you have 5 of them, you can send them to us and request an available TOP TRUMPS pack of your choice! We'll send it to your home free of charge! You can find more information about this on the back of the trading card!



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