Colossal Toys Inc. Has been committed to supporting childrens Donations and Sponsorships in Fort McMurray. We support those groups/organizations that have supported us.

. Donation requests must be made a minimum one month (30 Days) in advance, we have a set structure and budget for each month. 
. Requests can only be made for products or gift cards, we no longer provide cash or monetary donations.

. Due to the high demand and overwhelming number of requests each year,  we ask that all groups and businesses request donations not more than once per year. 

. Unfortunately we do not sponsor or donate to competitors. It just doesn't make sense to donate something that you yourself (the competitor) can donate. 

In order for your request to be considered, the following information must be submitted through email. 

- all submissions must be completed on company/business/organization letterhead 
- Organization name
- Date of request
- Full address of the organization
- Tax ID number for registered non-profit and charitable status
- Please describe how your program or service impacts Fort McMurray.
- Brief description of request for donation.
- if for a team , please list the age groups.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, we regret that it is not possible to grant every
request. If your request is denied, please accept our best wishes for success in your program.

Only organizations with accepted requests will be contacted, we can not always respond to the number of request that come in.