About Us

Located in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada, we are a family of four with two young children. Our children have a wild imagination that's brought great laughter to our home and our everyday lives. Living in Fort McMurray isn't always easy being so far away from the big cities and stores. We noticed there wasn't enough options to shop for toys locally and there was a lack of variety and quantity in the toys that were here. We decided to change that with the creation of Colossal toys.
So what's different about Colossal Toys? Not only "big toys", but a vast selection of toys from your favourite brands. HASBRO, K'NEX, PLAY DOH, MATTEL, CRAZY FORTS!, JAZWARES, MGA, SQUISHMALLOWS, MEGA BLOKS to name a few. The distributors we have aligned ourselves with, span the Canadian country side and offer many of your children's favourite characters, trusted brands as well as options for toys that are not readily available to many in the Canadian market place.

Not only do we cater to parents looking for unique gifts for their children, but to adults who still love their toys! If you're looking for something unique or hard to find, or looking for a different selection check us out!

Most important to us, what sets us aside is we are locally owned and operated! 


We have a wide variety of popular themed toys, board games, retro toys and collectibles that will make you feel nostalgic no matter what generation you are. We have a little bit of everything and our stock is always growing. 


What sets us apart, is the quality and quantity of Brands we've selected to partner with. Only the top Brands from around the world have been chosen by us to stock. We're always looking for your input on other items to stock, so please let us know. Those hard to find toys that are typically only on American websites can be found at Colossal Toys. We guarantee you will find something special that's sure to impress.