All pre-orders unless otherwise stated within the product description area of the item being pre-ordered are subject to the following guidelines.

All pre-orders are marked as a final sale. They cannot be canceled or returned. 

All pre

Should we be unable to deliver due to customer failure, we will cancel the pre-order on your behalf holding back the determined delivery fee. (Found within our cancelation policy) You may also be placed on a do not sell list for up to but not ending at 1 year. (Depending on the severity of the cancelation)

Pre-orders will be given a time frame to arrive  they may not be exact, but our best judgment based on the suppliers info. Should we miss an eta by more than 3 weeks, you will have the option to cancel your pre-order. 

Other items can be added to pre-orders, with the exception of other Pre-orders that are not of the same Pre-order brand and eta. All other items added to your pre-order will arrive to you in one delivery, once we have received your complete full order. We will do our best to notify you that your Pre-order has arrived and will be dispatch in a timely manner. 

Any added in stock item(s) that you choose to add to your pre-order cannot be canceled a after a 48hr period. You have now created a possible loss sales for us. These items will be held for you until your full order is ready to ship out.