Call OF Duty Cable Guys : IKON LED Light Up Ghost - Phone Stand & Controller Holder, With 2 USB Ports

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Take cover. Our Call of Duty: Ghost Ikon is inbound, and it’ll blow your mind. Armed and ready with our patented R.E.S.T. system, the Call of Duty: Ghost Ikon brings the tactical expertise of the field into your home, helping you keep your controllers, phones, and other devices charged and ready for action. With a fearsome design featuring Lieutenant Ghost Rileys renowned skull mask sitting on a sleek, LED-lit column, its guaranteed to stop the other side in its tracks whilst also guiding you safely to your destination. Whats more, with its contemporary camo print decal on its front, it looks good doing it.

-The new era of light-up charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers
-Compatible with the SP2 Powerstand headphone rest
-2 USB fast charging points
-Patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray (R.E.S.T.) system to hold your controllers, phones and other items
-Black column with a green LED lit edge, topped with a light-up Lieutenant Ghost Riley-inspired mask feature, and a modern camouflage decal on the column front
-Based on the mask worn by Lieutenant Ghost Riley in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games
-1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided.
-Instruction Manual provided via QR Code on the packaging.
-Controllers and phones NOT included

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