Nanoblock Dinosaur Series - Brachiosaurus

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Brachiosaurus" is newly added to the dinosaur series of the world's smallest block mini collection!
-Movable neck and tail by using joint parts!
-Reproduce the characteristic long neck and forelimbs that are longer than the hind limbs.
・ You can also make plants that can enjoy the world view together.
・ "NBC_362 Velociraptor", "NBC_364 Ankylosaurus", "NBC_365 Pteranodon", "NBC_366 Tyrannosaurus Hatching", and "NBC_367 Waterside Parasaurolophus" will be released at the same time.
・ Difficulty: 2 Number of pieces: 190
Dimensions: ‎10.98 x 3.19 x 12.18 cm

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