AWARD WINNING Numberblocks MathLink® Cubes 11–20 Activity Set

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Children see how numbers really work as they build their own Numberblocks from 11 to 20 and master the math skills of counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing through hands-on discovery and play. Numberblocks are the friendly characters from the global hit TV math series.



Children use the special-edition Numberblocks MathLink® Cubes to build their own characters

30 Numberblocks math learning activities are linked to the TV episodes

What’s Included:

155 Numberblocks MathLink® Cubes

52 Faceplates

44 Stickers

10 Numberlings

10 Character Cards

15 Double-sided, Reusable Activity Cards

Fourteen’s Skateboard

Fourteen’s Skateboard Helmet

Twenty’s Top Hat

1 Write and Wipe Pen

1 Activity Guide

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