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Parents know this scenario all too well: you prepare the perfect lunch for your kids, then transfer it to an everyday, soft-sided lunch tote. On its way to the lunch table, it gets crushed on the bus, smushed in the backpack and then the bulk of it thrown away because it was too mangled to eat. The grapes made the pretzels soggy, the chips resemble sawdust, and the rollups have well, unrolled. 


If any of that sounds familiar, our Bento Lunch Boxes are the upgrade you've been looking for. Designed with characters kids love and packed with features parents need, these protective food organizers add a big, healthy smile to snacks and meals. 




They're Bento Lunch Boxes with Good Banana's imagination touch

Food-friendly BPA-free construction

Hard-walled to prevent food from getting crushed

Frustration-free SnackLatch™ lid is secure yet easy for little hands to use

Largest compartments hold sandwiches, fruits, rollups, while smaller partitions are ideal for trail mix, sweets, and crispy foods, etc

Silicone moisture lock for a snug seal to keep food fresh and organized

Space-saving design easily fits into a backpack

Also great for road trips, camping, picnics, the beach, crafts, etc



These lunch boxes are Bento-styled through and through: each is a portable, partitioned container that keeps foods separate. This eliminates the transfer and mixing of flavors: your child's ham sandwich won't taste like the chocolate chips from the nearby trail mix, and so on. The hard-wall construction also means that crispy items like tortilla chips and fish crackers won't get crushed into powder during a busy day in the backpack.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered


The lid of each Good Banana Bento Lunchbox has two thoughtful features (aside from the charming face, of course). First, the underside has a silicone seal to help lock in freshness and prevent crumbs from escaping into book bags. Second, the frustration-free SnackLatch™ lids were designed for littler hands—no help needed for kids to get into their meals. 


Food Should Be Fun


In a world of lookalike lunch totes, Good Banana Bento Lunch Boxes bring bold, bright colors and whole lotta character to the table. Your kids will always know which lunch is theirs, and will look forward to the surprises packed for them as they refuel for the back half of the day.


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