Geek Out! Trivia Party Game: The 80s Edition

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Find out which player is the most knowledgeable about the 80s in this twisted new trivia game

Suitable for ages 13 and older

Game has been created for two or more players

Gameplay takes an average of 30 minutes

Players are challenged to list things that fall into categories about the 1980s

Competitors may add a challenge to the card holder by bidding to list even more items than the card requires, stealing points if they manage to “out-geek” them

Show off your nostalgic trivia knowledge with the Ultra PRO Geek Out! Trivia Party Game: The 80s Edition. Offering a new twist on a classic trivia game, players can bid to “out-geek” you by adding more of a challenge to your knowledge of a certain category, adding a new level of bluffing and points-stealing to your game.

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