Heroes Of Goo Jit Zu Deep Goo Sea Versus Pack – Ice Blast Blazagon VS Exclusive Horriglow (42629)

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Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have submerged into the depths of the Deep Goo Sea! The ultimate fight between good and evil awaits with the exclusive 2 figure pack!

This Goo Jit Zu Versus Pack contains Crunchy Ice Blast Blazagon & Evil Oozy Horriglow!

Will good or evil prevail in the battle beneath the waves? Ice Blast Blazagon has a powerful "Ice Blast" attack feature. When kids squeeze his head, water blasts out of his mouth! Ice Blast Blazagon is filled with pellets making him super crunchy!

But will his attack feature be enough to stop evil villain Horriglow! This angry anglerfish has X-Ray bones allowing kids to see his bones through his skin!

Horriglow has a filling that is super oozy! Squeeze the Goo Jit Zu's to discover the sea creatures hiding inside their filling! Kids can squish and stretch their Goo Jit Zu figures up to three times their size, (up to 20"/50cm)! Best thing is they will always come back to their original shape!

There are 2 Versus Packs to collect. Your child will love to dive straight into new adventures with this Versus Pack and journey into the Deep Goo Sea!

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