Obby Challenge (Diary of a Roblox Pro #3: An AFK Book)

Obby Challenge (Diary of a Roblox Pro #3: An AFK Book)

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By Ari Avatar   


Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338863482 Paperback

128 Pages | Ages 7 to 10



Ari Avatar is just your average Roblox kid living in a blocky world! Battle monsters and avoid disasters in a Roblox world -- all through the eyes of Ari and his friends. Diary of a Roblox Pro is a must-read for any kid who loves to play Roblox!

It's time to escape the obby! Ari's best friend's dad is a professional obby builder. He even constructs obbies to help train the Roblox army. Ari and his friends are excited to visit the latest obby creation but they are absolutely forbidden to touch anything. Well, Ari and his friends just can't help themselves! When they find themselves trapped in the new obby course they must find a way to escape or risk losing it all.

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