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stickers that celebrate your friends in space

These happy macaron stickers from the Stickiville collection will delight your little one! Adorn your notebook or bring some personality to your backpack and lunch box. There’s no limit to the whimsy these macaron stickers can bring to accessories like school supplies, journals, and diaries!

Macarons are hard to ignore, but give them a happy face and a sweet smile and they’re simply irresistible! So go ahead and indulge in these macaron stickers. Designed in colors like pink, blue, purple and green, these sticker sheets are a part of the charming Stickiville collection. Get your journal, diary, notebooks, and lunch box ready for some serious sticker action! The Happy Macarons stickers have transparent backgrounds so they’ll blend in wherever you put them. The Stickiville collection features a wide range of themes and finishes for hours of sticky fun! Welcome to Stickiville!

Stickiville Happy Macarons stickers

Designs feature pairs of different smiling macarons in colors like pink, blue, purple, and brown

Pack includes two sticker sheets of macaron-themed stickers

Clear stickers with transparent backgrounds

Suitable for ages 3 and up

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