The Unofficial Taylor Swift Trivia Book - Everything You Need to Know About Taylor with Fun Quizzes and Activities to Test Your Knowledge!

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Express your love for all things T-Swift with activities surrounding all her eras, ranging from her debut studio album to her 11th album The Tortured Poets Department"!


Fall into a fangirl haze with an all-love, all-lavender journey into the enchanting universe of the most influential superstar on the planet. The Unofficial Taylor Swift Trivia Book is complete with Tay-based puzzles, trivia, coloring, and journaling space to help you claim your crown as her #1 fan. Discover what makes her fearless in Badass Taylor Trivia, raise your heart hands to her good deeds with a Random Acts of Tayness crossword, and uncover the easter eggs surrounding Taylor's newest album "The Tortured Poets Department'' in Surprise, Surprise Fan Theories.


- Revel in Taylor's eras on pretty purple pages filled with fun quizzes, puzzles, and games

- Celebrate this unstoppable icon by learning about her life, music, and all the ways she gives back to fans

- Gush over your favorite T-Swift albums, songs, and lyrics with ranking and journaling pages

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