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Relax, recharge and level up your gaming with GooToobz Gamers! Each new style is designed to replicate a classic video game controller. Stressed out waiting to re-spawn in the game? Need to keep your hands loose while the waiting room is filling up to start another match online? Grab your GooToobz Gamers!


Just like classic GooToobz, these are transparent, hand-held sensory mazes filled with mesmerizing goo and beads that rush and gush when squeezed side to side, delivering the unique GooToobz triple sensory experience. Available in three different styles, each with unique sound, touch, and look!


SQUISHY & SQUEEZY: GooToobz Gamers are transparent, sensory game controllers filled with unique mixes of goo and beads that rush and gush through the controllers back and forth simply by squeezing side to side!

PERFECT FOR LIVESTREAMS: GooToobz Gamers' realistic design makes them perfect for use while watching live streams or in between matches playing games with friends!

SENSORY YET DURABLE: GooToobz are designed to feel like you're touching the goo and glitter inside, but still strong enough to withstand any grip strength without leaking!

NO-MESS & NON-TOXIC: GooToobz is filled with a water-based liquid that is sealed securley inside the tubes, so parents don't have to worry about kids making a mess! All GooToobz liquids are 100% non-toxic.

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